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Alternative energy can come cheap, EVEN FREE!

First, let’s be honest, as a homeowner, my family comes first in my decisions. As much as I would like to say going green was tops on my mind, saving money was a great motivator.

I haven’t bought gas for my car in weeks now and I still drive over 400 miles a week. Impossible you say, no, I run my car on discarded fryolator oil, and have for three years now. Clean burning, efficient and smells a lot better too! We have three cars we have converted. Honestly, this has been a blessing, my gas bill was hitting over $500 per month! Now maybe $50 or so.

 We all need to do our part to protect our planet and watch our budget, after all we can’t print money when we’re getting short. We either find a way to make more money or reduce our bills.

Reducing our bills and protecting the planet is what this blog is all about, getting more for less.

In my search for alternative energy, I have realized that most technologies available to the public are not just green but penny pinching tips.

Wouldn’t you like to reduce your electric bill?

Just think, if you could find a way to create free electrical power with absolutely no environmental impact, that will accomplish both goals: Green, clean and free.

It can be done and with far less money than you can imagine.

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