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Why not solar power, wind power or other alternative energy?

This is a never ending circle in the world of energy. I’m sure you have noticed that every time Labor Day rolls around you can bank on higher gasoline prices. So it is the same, with fuel oil in November, as the temp drops, the prices rise.

The part I like the most about this is the continual lame excuses given for the rise in price. Such as, it costs more to make, oh really, more than two months ago? Right. I really think that some large corporations believe we are stricken with “I-don’t-care-itus”. The truth is we are all so busy living our lives we don’t have the time to find a way to protest some of these costly practices.

Recently the oil cartel decided to test our limit, they kept raising the price of crude to the point that we were paying $4+ at the pump. Well they now know where we cry uncle! Did you ever heard so much talk about electric cars? All the time of course, I was driving for free… But, it bothered me just as much as everyone as I have family that must buy the “devil’s Brew”.

Inside the newsletter I give concrete ways to save money on fuel, home heating and electricity. It’s funny that some will just say it’s too much work. Well, I was in that camp as well. I try to take a half hour walk each night, and as I go through my neighborhood, a typical suburb, I smell many folks burning wood. I’ll have to tell you, running my car is much less work than handling wood!

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