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Using technology in an Eco-Friendly way

Simple adjustments to how we use technology can go a long wayModern technology comes with a price, which is the effect it has on the environment from sourcing of materials to dumping e-scraps or waste after product life. As this becomes a problem, more and more companies are turning to manufacturing eco-friendly products to guarantee the least harm on the environment from the production to disposal of these consumer goods.Eco-friendly practices.
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Increased awareness of the impact of depleting natural resources and non-renewable sources encourage consumers to use technology in an eco-friendly way. A lot also depends on the corporate responsibility of companies and manufacturers to instill environmentally-safe practices and standards amongst consumers such as launching information campaigns and waste collection points.

Hewlett-Packard is an example of a corporation with a social responsibility winning numerous awards for their eco-friendly products, recovering one billion pounds of electrical products and HP printer cartridges alone. This trend is expected to continue, doubling recovery targets in the coming years.

The company has recuperated and recycled more than 2.3 billion pounds of waste. HP printer cartridges are recycled by consumers all over the world. There are designated recycling centers for used HP printer cartridges, computers, and electronic items worldwide.

Companies also promote reduction of packaging waste and if this is unavoidable, then recycled materials are used, ensuring the continuity of products with a minimum 50% of materials taken from recovered waste. Electronic production makes use of recycled components in making smartphones, laptops, game consoles, and other consumer goods.

Reusing products is a viable option

Non-recyclable items can still be salvaged by prolonging their lives. Printers are examples of non-reusable items that can still be exploited. Often, people prefer to buy new ones due to the prohibitive costs of toners and ink cartridges.

However, using ‘remanufactured’ ink cartridges is an alternative. Again, HP set the standards with their recycling and waste recovery programme, setting a precedent for other manufacturers to follow. Thus, technology need not be the bane of society when there are recovery, re-use, and recycling practices instituted. Everyone can be a part of the preservation of the earth including the companies making them.

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